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Mr.Cai,82 years old, Engineer
When I was younger, had cirrhosis, twice ascites, and has been had hypertension, chronic bronchitis, diabetes mellitus more than 20 years. Since 1996,began to take the treatment of UBIO Therapy, first period of treatment was 400ml once every 3 days, added up to 4 times; second was 400ml once every week, added up to 4 times, blood amount was 3200ml; Lastly it was 400ml once every 15 days, until 400ml once every month. Now, my systolic pressure lowed to140-150mmHg from 180-190mmHg, diastolic pressure lowed to 80mmHg from 105mmHg; Blood sugar on an empty stomach lowed to 7-10mmol/L from 18-22mmol/L, all of them has been steady. My chronic bronchitis had a recurrence 4or 5 times every year, it’s more seriously, but now it is more better and steady. Hereby, I am extremely happy and moved very much! I thought my these diseases have been more improved after such a short time, I believed that my blood treated diseases for me was more better than in formerly treatment. Moreover my body weight, appetite increase, especially my spirits is best! having rosy cheeks, walking lightly.
Today, I always take health-care one every two months by 400 ml once. I really thank UBIO Therapy very much, so I thought so long as is living one day, On firmly holds for use UBIO Therapy! Now my entire family 5 peoples also all use it to carry on the prevention health care.

Ms.Xu,50 years old, Cadre
I was suddenly deaf on left ear in summer in 1997, with the tinnitus, the earache, the dizziness, the headache, been agitated and so on the symptom, had hospitalization with intravenous, drug, 24 times hyperbaric oxygentherapy,All of them were fail. At the same time, my test of thrombus was over +++, the blood viscosity and blood-fat were higher. Lastly, the physician introduced UBIO Therapy; I am also holding the manner which tries to look. At that time I was very anxious, indecisive, Therefore I decided to treat when I heard that it is easy causes of apoplexy if the blood-vessel becomes obstruction. The first period of treatment is once every 3 days, 400ml each, added up to 8 times. When it’s 3 rd treatment, my tinnitus disappeared suddenly, I was more sane better. At 5th time, all symptoms completely vaninised. The analysis report was completely normal.
After left hospital, once more again for firming curative effect. By UBIO Therapy I first realized deepest is that must have 8 times of colds originally a year but now probably year only once. At present, take it for my health-care once every 2 months.

Ms.kong,64 years old, Professor
I contacted the comprehensive disease, high blood sugar and high blood pressure and high blood fat, means “3 high”. My husband has apoplexy; He has been hospitalization in Provincial TCM Hospital, and suggested me to try it. During the treatment, I felt the obvious change for the better, my systolic pressure lowed to130-140mmHg from 180-190mmHg, diastolic pressure lowed to 70-80mmHg from 95-105mmHg, the blood fat lowed about 2 after 2 months. It maintained long time. So I thought UBIO Therapy is comprehensive treatment, for example, My blood pressure has been maintaining normal level, blood sugar lowed yet. It is why I more believed the UBIO Therapy that I had non-medicine in the period of treatment. By the way, I have the view to medicine because I thought any medicine all has the side effect.

Mr.Shen,53 years old, Officer
I have been cephalagra long time; it’s more seriously, especially to left side of my brain. It arouses suspicion such as fuzzy vision, even more nausea, vomit, dizziness, having pins and needles in my hands and feet, melancholy. All these symptoms can last about one hour, or about 5 hours sometime. After various medical check-up, the doctor thought it was main reason that it became lower for my rate of blood flow of brain. So I had many medicines, but the effect was bad. At last, I heard UBIO Therapy that was introduced by my friend. The therapy treats an illness with own blood, I began to treatment after serious asking and understanding. The first period adds up to 7 times, once every 3 days, 400ml each. After 1st time, That very evening I thought the cerebrum is sober, Is not so heavy, also relaxed. All these symptoms disappeared basically when the first period of UBIO Therapy is over. Soon after, I taked 4 times, once every month. Now I have been insisted on UBIO Therapy as the special healthy product, once every 2 month over 10 years.
Note: Above the case picks from the patient sound recording.
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