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                                                          ——Ms. Chen Dezhi
In November 2003,the Nanjing Sunshine Integration Traditional & Western Medicine Specialty Outpatient Clinic was founded in Nanjing, China. It is the only private specialty clinic in China that integrates the UBI Therapy with the adaptation of TCM. As a founder, Ms. Chen Dezhi has emerged as an industrious and persevering Chinese woman persisting in the field of UBI Therapy for many years.

Formally brought in to China in the 80s, the UBIO(Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Oxygenation,ABBR:UBIO) Therapy has been gradually adopted in clinical treatment at more than one hundred hospitals nationwide. She was the only trainee dispatched by Jiangsu Provincial Chinese Medicine Hospital to receive UBIO Therapy training, who proceeds to launch UBIO Therapy service at the hospital upon concluding her training accreditation. To alleviate the safety and effectiveness of UBIO Therapy, she has begun experimenting on herself to this date, and has obtained excelling yield. Over more than a decade, she has successfully applied the UBIO Therapy for curing fourteens of diseases, and has accumulated over 70,000 persons and upwards of 500,000 testimonial treatments, ensuring 100% safety feature.
More than scrutinizing UBIO Therapy yield, she diligently records the patient’s reaction and clinical data, and continues to improve certain deficiency in UBIO Therapy by reflecting on her own experiences.More important, she has successfully integrated UBIO Therapy with TCM’s organic approach through a series of in-depth research and development work that not only posies to manifest and expand the treatment’s application domains but also setting up an unprecedented approach all of her own across China. The fastidious clinical work aside, she is aggressively tackling the promotional work of UBIO Therapy, which consists of publications, lecturing on TV, RD, NP, MG of more than 50 sessions, and finds time still to conduct academic study on UBIO Therapy through national commission, making major breakthrough in promoting and innovating the application of UBIO Therapy in China.

Yet at the onset of 2000 as the emergence of other alternative blood treatment radiation techniques, such as the internal laser treatment, blood magnetization, and blood purification radiation has begun to encroach on the very existence of UBIO Therapy and spins the situation into a chaos, a majority of the hospitals have begun to abandon the UBIO Therapy as a result. However, she has decided to found the Nanjing Sunshine Combine Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine Specialty Outpatient Clinic, and holds firm in bracing forward towards the domain of UBIO Therapy.
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