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The humanity strided in for the 21st century, Day by day advocates the energetic health and the health harmonious unification, set a higher request to the life quality, for the natures such as non-medicine treatment, therapy has been concerned more and more.

UBI /UBIO Therapy (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation Therapy, abbreviation UBI Therapy / Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation and Oxygenation Therapy, abbreviation UBIO Therapy) is non-medicine treatment natural therapy that belongs to Light Therapy in more extensive meaning. This therapy is scientific, effective, safe and non-toxic side effect. By the reputation is" the natural blood, the natural therapy ".This therapy advocated realizes the prevention, the treatment with own blood, Thus achieved the health care, senilly delays, the improvement life quality goal.

UBI Therapy origins most early from 20th century 20's US. The therapy has had important contribution in anti-infective treatment until antibiotic came out. Antibiotic made UBI Therapy get to coldly treat. During development process, because of the notable characteristic of UBI Therapy, propagated in European and the USA quickly. The Russian doctors also have had a lot of contributions for UBI Therapy. Since 1980’s, UBI Therapy has been applied and generalized in china, and it was called UBIO Therapy.

Come for 18 years, I applied the UBIO Therapy in the many kinds of diseases clinical treatment and the observation in inherits, profits from in the foundation which the predecessor experiences. Myself also because body trouble many kinds of diseases, Therefore first uses this therapy in own treatment, the health care. Up to now already more than 18 years, the effect is extremely obvious. The experience that has accumulated the cases more than 70,000 and the person-times more than 500,000. And have reached the safety of 100% in clinical treatment.

In the UBIO Therapy clinical treatment of 18 years, I have insisted to record and arrange related data, and carried out clinical research from different angles. For instance: To scientific research and proof basic data on ultraviolet ray illumination blood safe dose and effect wavelength and so on; From the detection of the free radical level in the body of middle-aged and old-aged people, approaches UBIO Therapy’s role mechanism on antiaging of human body; To combine the theory-- “ promote blood circulation to remove blood stasis, determination of treatment based on the differentiation of symptoms and signs” of TCM and Pharmaceutics with UBIO Therapy, make the clinical notable raising of curative effect, and has filled this aspect domestic blank. Once successively made the Jiangsu Provincial government advance in Scien-Tech for the second, the third prize items.
Now mankind has entered the afterwards antibiotic times and antibiotic are faced with to endure the stern situation of property of medicine and resistance to the action of a drug. Especially, the World Health Organization (WHO) pays more attention to these problems. UBI/UBIO Therapy can give the best answer. This therapy in anti-infective with raise immunity to wait for aspect have unique effect is have gotten ample affirm. I believe it must be justified that the therapy will have a boundless future by means of the newest progress of foreign colleagues as well as my clinical experience of 18 years and plenty of cases in UBI/UBIO Therapy.

I hope this many years clinical experiences and the scientific research achievements and similarly to be shared with doctor who has the interest in the UBI/ UBIO Therapy, everybody is exchanging the experience together. Therefore I have founded the Chinese Blood Therapy Web — the professional web of UBI/UBIO Therapy.

Lastly, Wish the Chinese Blood Therapy Web would become an professional platform that could be alternating experience, academic discussing for colleagues in medicine, and could become one to be engaged in UBI/UBIO Therapy, seek development totally. Let’s be full of confidence to step into the future of UBI Therapy! Heartily hope to get your more support and care! Thanks!

                                                                                                         Dezhi Chen
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